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Dr. Steve Cook is one of the top Fort Collins chiropractors. He offers unprecedented chiropractic care and has a heart for those who are suffering. His drive is to offer you chiropractic solutions to meet your unique goals and needs.

No matter what your reason is in searching for a Fort Collins chiropractor – we are already seeing people just like yourself. People come to our office for so many reasons. Headaches, pregnancy issues, low back pain, scoliosis, sciatica, numbness and even pediatric spinal care for kids. Our favorite reason however is when people come get adjusted simply to maintain their good health and ability to thrive. Whatever your reason, our chiropractor wants to be a part of the solution.

Here are some of the reasons our patients love
Fort Collins Gonstead Chiropractic:

Convenient mid-town location
In network with most health insurances including Medicare!
Custom tailored care plans based on YOUR goals
We utilize highly researched chiropractic techniques
Acupuncture, massage and nutritional referrals in house

At your first appointment, you will meet with Dr. Cook to discuss what brings you in for care. Your spine will be checked in great detail and he will share with you the findings. He will also share with you the science behind how chiropractic works for your particular case. If you are a good fit for chiropractic care, our Fort Collins chiropractor will develop a rational plan to meet your needs.

If you are ready to take the first step, call us at (970) 460-6770 or (970) 372-1277. Our helpful staff will answer any questions you might have. You may also email any questions to for a prompt response. Our doctor looks forward to finding out how he may help you! Time is our biggest limitation in life. Don't waste yours living in pain and poor health any longer.

Dr. Steve Cook | Fort Collins Chiropractor
Fort Collins chiropractor Dr. Steve Cook helps people, dogs, horses and cats live better lives using the art of chiropractic. Read more about him
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Fort Collins Gonstead Chiropractic is conveniently located on College Avenue across from the CSU campus and within walking distance of Old Town. Get directions and hours here.
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Blue Cross Blue Shield & Cigna In Network Chiropractor | Fort Collins, CO
Fort Collins chiropractor Dr. Steve Cook is in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna health insurances. Most other insurances are also accepted. Just pay your co-pay and we'll do the rest!

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Thursday: 8:30am-12 & 2-5:30pm
Friday: by appt. only

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Complimentary 15 minute phone & in-office consultations available.

Let our Fort Collins chiropractor
Dr. Steven Cook determine if chiropractic can help you.