Fort Collins Kinesio Taping

Fort Collins Kinesio Taping allows us to heal faster and with less pain so we can get back to pursuing the important things in life. Kinesio Tape is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process by providing support and stability to injured muscles and joints. Unlike most other taping techniques, Kinesio Tape is comfortable to wear and does not restrict range of motion. The tape is made of lightweight cotton and is also highly elastic. It has four primary effects on the body:

• Improved Muscle Function
• Improved Circulation
• Pain Management
• Joint Support

There are several main characteristics of Kinesio Tape that allow it to decrease pain and speed up the healing process. In many injuries, swelling occurs as a natural part of the inflammatory process. Often the amount of excess fluid (edema) is too great and clogs the drainage sites of the lymphatic system. The excess fluid then remains far too long at the site of injury because it has nowhere to go. Due to the way it is constructed and applied, Kinesio Tape microscopically lifts the skin beneath it. This lifting action not only removes pressure from pain sensors; it also creates additional space beneath the skin allowing the trapped fluid ‘a way out’. The edema may then be routed to a less congested area where it can be absorbed by the lymphatic system. These effects not only speed up the healing process immensely, they also give much needed pain relief and support to fresh injuries. Sprained ankles, knee injuries, large bruises and muscle tears respond extremely well to Fort Collins Kinesio Taping.

Kinesio Tape Lifting The Skin

The prefix kinesio is derived from the Latin term ‘kinesis’, which means movement. Movement is another key feature of Kinesio Tape. Kinesio Tape is designed to allow motion within the joint or soft tissues that are taped. This directly contrasts traditional taping techniques that typically immobilize an area. For most acute injuries, motion is vital to enabling a quick healing process. Motion helps move swelling out of inflamed areas and provides nourishment needed for healing injured tissues. Without adequate motion, most joint and soft tissue injuries will not heal correctly. Fort Collins Kinesio Taping assures this vital component of healing yet is capable of providing ample support to acute injuries such as sprained ankles. This is due to the tape’s construction. It is made of cotton and is capable of being stretched up to 75%. Because of this, the taping can really be tailored to the specific problem at hand. A muscle or joint can be taped very firm and snug, or it can be taped only to provide a light support. The tape is very versatile and this allows it to be useful on a wide array of injuries and conditions,including sport injuries.

When Kinesio Tape is applied to a muscle, it has one of two effects – facilitation or inhibition of that muscle. In other words, a muscle can be strengthened or weakened with the tape. This is accomplished by using various taping procedures. Every aspect of how the tape is applied matters – where it starts, where it ends, the amount of stretch applied to the tape, the course of the tape and the position of the area while being taped. By using a specific taping procedure, we can accomplish what’s needed. Basically, if a muscle is overactive (tight, tender, irritating joints) it needs to be inhibited (turned off). Conversely, if a muscle is under-active (weakened, stretched, injured) it needs to be facilitated (turned on). Often a taping session will be used to facilitate some muscles while inhibiting others to create one desired effect. Muscles, joints and ligaments love Kinesio Tape because it gives them exactly what they need. Fort Collins Kinesio Taping can keep you working and playing strong to assure you the quality of life you deserve.

Kinesio Tape For Sports Injuries

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Kinesio Tape Can Help:

Knee, Wrist, Ankle and Elbow Pain
Joint Sprains
Muscle Strains
Nerve Pain
Whiplash Injuries
Back Pain
Plantar Fasciitis
Muscle Tears
ACL & PCL Injuries
Large Bruises
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
AC Joint Problems
Golfer’s Elbow
Tennis Elbow
Patellar Tracking Problems
And More Muscle Tension
Tension Headaches
Muscle Weakness
Joint Instability
Childhood Scoliosis
ITB Syndrome
Rotator Cuff Problems
Shin Splints
And More!

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