Fort Collins Rotator Cuff Injury
Natural Alternatives For Optimal Healing

In a town as rich in outdoor recreation as ours, Fort Collins rotator cuff injuries happen a lot. These are some of the more common non-spinal injuries I see in my office...and they are tough. The prognosis ranges from great to poor depending on which specific injury you have. These injuries should be taken very seriously. If a rotator cuff is not healed in a timely matter, they often become chronic sources of pain and dysfunction for life. The surgical success rate for rotator cuff injuries is fair at best. For most patients, there are numerous natural treatments that can aid in the healing process and provide pain relief. If I’ve learned one single fact about healing rotator cuff's, it’s that they need numerous ‘modes’ of support to heal correctly. No one thing works 100% - physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, you name it. It takes a multi-faceted approach where all the bases are covered to get optimal results. Healing these injuries is a slow process, but if the patient is diligent, a lot can be done for them. Many can even expect a full recovery. In my office, I utilize several key components to aiding in the healing of Fort Collins rotator cuff injuries. Each of them targets a specific component of the healing process – nerve, joint, soft tissue and repair. When combined, they give an unbeatable approach to obtaining the best results possible.

Specific Chiropractic Adjusting

The joints that exist in an injured area need to be assessed for proper function. This includes the glenohumeral (shoulder), acromioclavicular (AC), sternoclavicular (clavicle) and spinal joints. If the large contributors to the overall problem aren’t fixed, the rotator cuff will never heal correctly. Adjusting your spine ensures the nerves thatMid-back adjustment heal the shoulder are fully functioning where they originate at the spine. Adjusting the shoulder and clavicle ensures proper alignment and motion within these joints. The motion and alignment of these joints greatly effects their surrounding musculature. They're all directly attached and any 'kink' in the chain of motion directly effects the injury. With rotator cuff injuries in particular, the humerus (long bone in your upper arm) will often fall forward and down out of its normal position, resulting in a ‘forward shoulder’ posture. This is due to the rotator cuff being weak and failing to hold the arm firmly in place. In this case, adjusting the misaligned humerus is very critical.

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio Tape is the perfect natural healing modality for Fort Collins rotator cuff injuries. It provides needed support to injured muscles or tendons while still allowing a full range of motion. It also gently lifts the skin toKinsio Tape Rolls remove swelling and pressure from pain receptors. This helps facilitate the healing process and provides pain relief at the same time. The tape goes on in minutes and lasts up to 5 days. It is designed to be worn during all your daily activities, including showering and exercise. Most patients with these injuries sense a noticeable change in posture and pain while wearing the tape. After a few initial applications to determine how to best tape your injury, I can eventually show your spouse or friend how to tape you at home. This gives you the convenience of wearing Kinesio Tape whenever your shoulder needs it without trekking to my office.

Nutritional Component of Healing

Anyone with a Fort Collins rotator cuff injury needs to be sure they are supplying the injured tissues with adequate building blocks for the repair process. I typically recommend one of several supplement regimens for these injuries. The majorityKinsio Tape Rolls of them consist of whole food supplements, such as those made by Standard Process. These supplements are in pill form and are made from farm grown food, not man made synthetic nutrients. This is a component of healing Fort Collins rotator cuff injuries that is often overlooked. Just because you think have a ‘good’ diet doesn’t mean your injured tissues don’t require specific building blocks found elsewhere. This is exactly what the supplements will provide. Eight weeks of proper nourishment can be the deciding factor in whether a rotator cuff injury heals or not. Plain and simple, It’s that important.

Stretches and Strengthening Exercises

When muscle and tendon injuries occur, we instinctively stop using those injured tissues. This leads to them becoming tight, shortened and weak. If these conditions are not corrected soon and the joint continues to not move, the shoulder will likely progress to a much worse state - a 'frozen shoulder'. As bad as rotator cuff injuries are, frozen shoulders are worse. So to prevent this, part of the rehabilitation process involves strengthening the injured tissues and returning them to their normal tone. Daily stretching and strengthening exercises at home will help accomplish this. I will give an individually tailored daily regimen of stretches and strengthening exercises to be performed by you on your own time. They assure the individual muscles are gaining strength and assuming proper tone. Sometimes a referral to a quality Fort Collins massage therapist is needed as well. The average daily regimen is simple to perform and takes about 15 minutes.

If you suffer from a Fort Collins rotator cuff injury, allow me to offer you a complimentary 30 minute consultation. At that time, we can assess your situation and determine which course of care is in your best interest. You have nothing to lose and your health to regain.

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