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Cluster headaches in Fort Collins are typically caused by a combination of two internal factors – nerve pressure within the spine and accumulated toxicity throughout the body. The good news is, both of these sources are correctable. Most patients obtain the greatest relief by addressing both sources at once. Thankfully, these headaches respond extremely well to conservative treatment without the use of drugs or surgery. Follow the advice given below and you will be kicking your cluster headaches to the curb in no time.

Nerve Pressure

Nerve pressure occurs when a vertebraNerve-Pressure within the spine misaligns and places unwanted ‘pressure’ on the nerve root exiting from the spinal cord at this level. The spinal misalignment and nerve pressure combined are known as a 'vertebral subluxation'. Nerve tissue is some of the most sensitive in your body and they can easily become irritated due to this simple vertebral misalignment. The pressure can be in the form of edema (fluid), a bulging intervertebral disc (the cushions between each vertebra) or an actual bone touching the nerve root. These spinal conditions can occur slowly over time from accumulated micro-injuries or suddenly due to some sort of trauma. Simple spinal misalignments like these affect your nervous system tremendously. This is because your spinal cord and spinal nerve roots pass through each of your 24 vertebra. These structures are very intimately laid out and don’t have much room to breathe (millimeters). So when the joint misaligns, neurological symptoms such as cluster headaches can easily occur. The spinal component of cluster headaches needs to be fixed for you to get relief from your pain.

So who fixes nerve pressure? A Gonstead chiropractor’s sole intent is to find these areas of nerve pressure and correct them. We go about doing this by using several methods of analysis – x-rays, assessing the spine with our hands and using a special instrument called a Nervo-Scope. After the joints with nerve pressure have been identified, the exact adjustment needed is given to the joint to restore proper position and nerve function. Adjustments are comfortable and typically feel good unless the area is overly inflamed. From this point on, the nerve can begin to heal and you can finally get natural relief from your headaches. Fort Collins Gonstead Chiropractic is the effective, affordable solution to spinal problems leading to headaches.

Toxic Overload

The second component of cluster headaches is accumulated toxicity within your body. This ‘toxicity’ is a by-product of the things you put into your body on a daily basis. As you can imagine, the list is endless, but these are some of the more common substances that accumulate in our body and contribute to cluster headaches:

• Pesticides
• Preservatives
• Cigarette Smoke
• Chemicals (work, household, environmental, etc.)

The typical American lives in a world full of toxic influences. The main source of this garbage is, of course, the food we eat. Take a moment to really think about what you eat and drink. Do the foods you eat contain dyes, preservatives or additives? Do you drink tap water? Do you use artificial sweeteners? Do you drink coffee, soda or alcohol regularly? Do you even consider buying organic foods when possible? We get so used to our daily life that we take for granted the convenient American lifestyle we’ve become accustomed to. Years of not so great eating and other habits leave your body with an accumulation of preservatives, man-made chemicals and other disease (headache) causing junk. At some point, your body just can’t keep up with the levels of toxicity you are feeding it. And this can happen to the best of us even in a city as healthy as Fort Collins. Your body does have a natural system of cleansing itself of these substances. However, the human body was not designed to cleanse itself from the amount of toxins most of us take in on a daily basis. On top of that, the majority of American’s are dehydrated and sedentary on a daily basis, which only makes detoxification even more difficult. At some point, the toxicity is too overwhelming and will begin to greatly affect your nervous system. Cluster headaches are a sign of this neurological impact.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. There is a natural way to release and flush the toxicity trapped in your body. If you are experiencing symptoms as severe as cluster headaches, a purification program is part of the answer to your condition. In my Fort Collins clinic, I utilize the Standard Process Purification Program.Standard_Process_Cleanse It is available only through health care professionals. This purification program is not a starvation diet or a ‘fad’ cleanse that simply empties your bowels. It is a three week program that purifies the internal workings of your body, organs and skin included. It is composed of a structured diet and 4 natural supplements made from real farm grown food. Aside from detoxifying your body, the purification program also helps break chronic food allergies and cravings that may have developed. Many people think they can’t handle giving up the foods they love for the duration of the cleanse. I have personally completed this three week cleanse and honestly, it is not that bad. The eating regimen is totally doable and very worthwhile. Giving up some of the things you want to eat for three weeks is a small price to pay to rid your body of a lifetime of deadly toxins. In addition to resolving issues such as cluster headaches, most patients also report losing excess weight, improved quality of sleep and clearer thinking. For more information regarding the purification program, please call our clinic and speak to Dr. Steve. Do yourself a favor and give it a shot, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.


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