The Fort Collins Chiropractor Specializing in the Gonstead Difference

As in all professions, not all chiropractors are the same. And I'm not talking about their hairstyle or personality, I'm talking about how they accomplish what they do as a chiropractor. There are numerous techniques or methods used by chiropractors to address their patient’s needs. The truth is - chiropractors vary a lot. Our Fort Collins chiropractor, Dr. Steven Cook, exclusively utilizes the Gonstead System of Chiropractic. The Gonstead methodology represents the ultimate hands-on spinal adjustment. This distinguishes him greatly from countless other Fort Collins chiropractors. You see, not all chiropractors use this unique method. In fact, it is extremely rare here in Northern Colorado. To become proficient in this chiropractic methodology, Dr. Cook has studied for years with renowned chiropractors from around the country and continues to take postgraduate study in this field. If you are suffering from chronic pain, it is possible our method is the answer you have been looking for. Interested in finding out the differences between ours and other chiropractic techniques? Well then keep reading, you are about to find out.

What Does Our Different Approach Mean To You?

*Faster recovery time
*Feeling better longer between visits
*Precise adjustments that target the specific problem and don’t rattle your entire spine

Any of these benefits sound good to you? The Gonstead methodology used in our clinic is considered by most experts to be the “Gold Standard of Chiropractic”. In other words, it is considered to be the highest standard by which all other chiropractic techniques are rated. So you can rest assured that you are in good hands. All of our work is based on the laws of engineering and physics. This means our work is highly reproducible from visit to visit. Our method is highly effective, scientific, comfortable and safe. Every time you stop in for an adjustment, you will receive the complete Gonstead analysis and be adjusted as accurately as possible. What you won’t receive in our clinic is “cookie cutter chiropractic”, or in other words, the same round-about full body manipulation that every other patient receives. No two patients are alike, and our clinic recognizes this.

What Makes Gonstead Chiropractic Different?

Let’s use an analogy to help explain the answer. Do you remember the Slinky – a popular toy amongst children over the past half century? The Slinky is a toy made of thin, delicate metal. The metal is formed into coils- endless round coils, one after another. The toy is made to be placed atop a staircase, and when given a gentle nudge, it “walks” down the staircase one step at a time. Any of us that had a Slinky probably remember that if you threw it in your toy box after playing, it was prone to getting a kink somewhere within its endless round coils. Once you got that kinked section, the toy wouldn’t operate well. How did you go about removing that kink to restore the toys function? How did you find that kinked section to begin with? Usually kids would just try pulling the Slinky, lengthening it from one end to the other, hoping the kink would be pulled out. This however doesn’t work, the kinked section remains. It wasn’t fixed until you isolated the problem (kinked) area and determined how to realign the metal coil in a way that removed the kinked section, thus restoring the toys function.

In this analogy, your spine is the Slinky. Just like the Slinky, your spine will often become “kinked” somewhere in its chain of motion. Many other chiropractors will simply put motion into the entire spine, in an attempt to remove that kinked section. This resembles the child lengthening the Slinky. While it may temporarily feel good and seem like it is accomplishing the goal of removing that kinked section, the kink usually remains. Now, what if a chiropractor used numerous ways to determine the exact location of the kinked section? Keep in mind that you have twenty-four vertebrae in your spine, so if there is one “kink”; it is crucial to find that problem’s exact location. Otherwise, you are simply twisting and turning vertebrae (coils of the Slinky) that were fine to begin with and not addressing the actual problem itself. This, in a nutshell, explains how a Gonstead chiropractor is different. We do not just lengthen or crunch your spine from one end to another, moving everything in between. If there is a single word to describe what we do, it is the word SPECIFIC. We use five different measures to determine exactly where you are in need of spinal adjustment. These measures include an in depth x-ray analysis specific to the Gonstead System and the use of a special tool called the Nerve-scope. The Nerve-scope gently glides down your back and helps to find the exact level of nerve inflammation. By combing all five measures, we are able to determine the one spinal joint causing your problems. This multi-fold analysis is especially crucial to chronic back pain sufferers who often have one main joint causing the bulk of their pain. Once it is found, the joint is given the exact adjustment needed to restore its function. Because it is so accurate, the Gonstead System of Chiropractic gets you the results you need as fast as possible.

History of Gonstead Chiropractic

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