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Far too many people believe headaches are a normal part of life and expect them to occur on a regular basis. I’m here to tell you they are not normal. Why would a terrible pain inside your head be expected? The human body was not created to be so faulty. When our body gives us such a painful amount of feedback, it is surely an alarm that something is wrong. The majority of sufferers in Fort Collins create their own vicious cycle of pain by the things they do and don’t do on a daily basis. For many of us, this includes:

•Food Choices (the good, the bad and the ugly!)
•Bad Habits
•Preventative Health Care (chiropractic, massage, acupuncture)
•Health Supplements
•Sleep Quality & Position

Once you identify how YOU are causing your pain, there are simple things you can do to cut them way back. After you've solved those issues; there are several natural health care modalities that are very effective at correcting any other underlying causes as well as providing pain relief. The first and most important step is to determine which kind of headache you suffer from. Then we will go over all the necessary changes you can make to prevent them from happening in the future. There are four main types of and most fall into these categories. Just find the type that best matches your symptoms. Then use the link provided at the end of that category to read about effective natural ways you can fix them in Fort Collins.

Which Kind of Headache Do You Suffer From?


Tension Headaches are the most common that occur. They are the afternoon and early evening ache felt in the neck musculature, temples and forehead. Many people describe the pain as ‘a band tightening around their head’. They are often dull and annoying; however they have the potential to be somewhat severe. They are particularly common in office settings and other stressful situations in Fort Collins. Because stress levels are often involved; people that experience these may get them on a very regular basis. If your pain is caused by your children or co-workers - these are your culprits! They are caused by muscle dysfunction within the neck and upper body. These muscles become chronically shortened, tender and full of knots. This is usually a by-product of your posture and daily life. As the muscle tension builds; nerves and joints within the spine become irritated and directly affect the entire nervous system. These can be terrible nuisances; however they are some of the easiest to help! For help with fixing tension headaches, click here.


The word cervicogenic means ‘generated by the cervical spine’. This is the region of the spine found within your neck. Cervicogenic headaches are usually one sided and may be felt anywhere within the neck itself. Pain may also radiate atop the head and into the forehead. They typically last about 3 hours and are more prevalent later in the day. If your pain is provoked especially by head movements or posture, this is likely the cause. Their source is very specific - the spinal joints within your neck. Misalignment and poor joint motion causes irritation to the spinal nerves that exit at each of these joints. Once inflamed, the nerves can easily cause aches on a daily or weekly basis. The good news is they respond extremely well to several natural treatments available in Fort Collins. For help with fixing cervicogenic headaches, click here.


Cluster headaches are strange. Once you encounter one, you will never forget it. These are most prevalent in adolescent to middle aged men. They occur in ‘clusters’ of 1-8 brief occurrences per day, averaging about thirty minutes each. Often there will be weeks or months between attacks. The pain is excruciating and can incapacitate you to the point where you need to lay down. The majority of the pain will be located on one side behind the eye, in the forehead or temple. In addition to the ache, other symptoms including watery eyes, runny nose and sweating may occur. I have had patients that couldn’t speak correctly when they were experiencing one of these! These are severe and can ruin your daily life if they become chronic. Unfortunately they are not well understood. We know clusters have a strong neurological component and are often caused by joint and nerve dysfunction within the neck. However some people have environmental triggers that cause their pain to occur too. Just as in migraines, common triggers include beer, cigarettes and perfume. Once it is determined what is causing your pain, there are numerous things you can do to limit or stop their occurrence. For help with fixing cluster headaches, click here.


Migraines are the celebrities – everyone knows them. We can all think of someone right now that suffers from Migraines. The reason they are so well known is they are consistently the most severe of them all. Lights and sounds are usually intolerable during a migraine attack. Most Fort Collins migraine sufferers prefer to be in a dark, quiet room with no stimulation whatsoever. The pain experienced with these is typically one sided and pulsating. Most migraines are felt in a very specific area - the forehead, top of the head, and behind the eye are common locations. They can last for as little as a few hours or for up to several days.

Migraines often have one specific feature that no other headache has – an aura. Auras are visual disturbances that often accompany migraines. Common auras include seeing colors, blurred vision and blackened peripheral vision. Auras typically occur immediately before the onset of a migraine. They offer a strange warning of what is about to come. In addition to auras; many migraine sufferers report having specific environmental ‘triggers’ that cause their pain. Common triggers include certain foods and offensive odors such as perfume. People with triggers quickly learn to avoid them. The causes of migraines vary and are known to include vascular, hormonal, neurological and spinal related issues to name a few. The majority of migraine sufferers are able to prevent their pain to a large degree by pursuing natural health care options in Fort Collins and making simple lifestyle changes. For help with fixing migraine headaches, click here.

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